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What if you never had to think about your Facebook ads again? All you got were consistent, quality leads in your inbox every morning?

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How our system works…

Step 1: Native Facebook Platform


Our Facebook lead solutions provides today’s mobile car buyer with the easiest, most user friendly way to shop for a vehicle from Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Marketplace. Our Native Facebook “microsite” is optimized to drive vin specific leads to your dealership while giving the customer all the relevant information including vehicle, miles, pictures, price, and estimated payment.

Step 2: VIN Specific Micro Sites


Our Native Facebook “microsite” creates unparalleled success and matchback reporting providing your dealership a more robust understanding of ad spend past the traditional CRM. Get quality leads with their specific interest. All taken care of under one platform.

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The Details.

Conquest Lead Delivery by Optimizing Facebook Relevancy Score


The power of our platform is to drive the Facebook Relevancy Score consistently higher without uploading any data sets to compromise your data.  Your dealership will see a correlation between the advanced engagement metrics and lead delivery with an increase in Facebook Relevancy Score.  Our proprietary mobile targeting allows us to consistently increase results month over month.

Better Results Through Engagement


We create unparalleled results through higher engagement! Anyone can drive hundreds of low quality traffic and leads that never convert or even respond back. The value is in the consistency of shoppers that are landing on our Native “microsite.” This provides the customer with a more natural car shopping experience. All metrics including page views, bounce rate and time on site will lend itself to create far higher quality leads that convert into more appointments and more sales.

Facebook Advertising Done Right


Point Blank: When done correctly, Facebook can be an excellent cost-benefit strategy within your monthly ad spend. Facebook advertising can take many different forms, so don’t be fooled in thinking there is only one way to advertising on Facebook. Your store can have multiple strategies that include branding and traffic directly to your website. However, social should be a major part of what your dealership includes within their monthly budget.

Quarterly Matchback Reporting


Does any of your marketing channels provide transparency? With our specialized reporting, we are able to provide a clear view of how exactly your ad spend is working.

  • Lead Generation Matched Reporting
  • Click Thru and Cross Shopping Match Reporting
  • Impression Share Reporting

These reports are specifically designed to gauge ad spend effectiveness beyond your traditional CRM sourcing reports.

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